Welcome to the LDRC

The Language Documentation Research Cluster provides technical resources and laboratory space for projects and investigators currently involved in efforts to study, document, and/or revitalize minority and endangered languages.The LDRC houses office space for staff and students working on these and other projects as well as a shared computer laboratory.

The LDRC has close links with the Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute (CILLDI), whose main offices are in the same building. In conjunction with CILLDI, the LDRC aims to provide hands-on experience and training to students and members of speaker-communities interested in the documentation, description, and preservation of minority languages.

There are ongoing joint projects between the Language Documentation Research Cluster and two research laboratories also associated with the Department of Linguistics at the University of Alberta. The Alberta Phonetics Laboratory, located directly upstairs, provides additional facilities for phonetic data collection and high quality recording and digitization. The Alberta Language Technology Lab aims to produce tools such as intelligent electronic dictionaries, spell-checkers, language teaching and learning software, and text-to-speech synthesizers to facilitate the use of minority languages in all spheres of life by community members.

There is also a long-term joint collaboration between members of the LDRC and the  Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archaeology.

Our site is currently undergoing major revisions, please bear with us while we get things up to date.

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