Main Lab (Assinboia Hall 3-02)

  • meeting area
  • 6 – 24″ iMac 2.4 GHz workstations with 1 Tb hard drives, 1 Gb RAM, 8x Superdrive
  • 1 PowerMac G5 1.25 GHz workstation with 150Gb Hard drive, 1 Gb RAM, 8x Superdrive
  • 12 Tb MD 1000 Raid secure server (located off site)
  • scanner with document feeder
  • networked laser printer and photocopier

Additional Facilities in the Alberta Phonetics Laboratory (Assinboia Hall 4-02)

  • recording studio and sound booths
  • oral and nasal airflow
  • palatography
  • work station for digitizing archival material (cassette, DAT, mini-cassette, reel-to-reel)

For additional support and information on projects at the Alberta Language Technology Laboratory, see the ALTLab website.