The staff and students in the LDRC are working on a wide variety of projects on languages around the world. Several of these, including past projects, are summarized in the pages on this site.

Current Projects

Totonac Documentation Project
Project director: David Beck
Researchers: Michelle Garcia-Vega, Devin Moore, Rachel McGraw, Conor Snoek

Pan-Athapaskan Comparative Lexicon
Project directors: Sally Rice, John W. Ives

T. M. Hess Collection
Project director: David Beck

Lushootseed project
Project director: David Beck

Navajo Child Language Corpus
Project director: Melvatha R. Chee

Totonac Ethnobotany
Project director: David Beck

Past Projects

Kichwa-English Dictionary

ICE Canada

Temne Language Documentation

Dinka Language Documentation