Totonac documentation project

This project is aimed at the documentation of languages in the Totonac branch of the Totonacan language family, spoken in East Central Mexico. It began initially with work on Upper Necaxa Totonac and has since expanded to include intensive work in neighbouring languages, Zuhuateutla Totonac, Coahutilán Totonac, and Tepezintla/Ozomatlán Totonac. The project has conducted more limited field work in several other Totonac communities.

  • field visits beginning in 1998
  • SSHRC funding since 2001
  • students involved in fieldwork since 2003

The UNT project has been working on

  • practical and academic dictionaries
  • electronic lexical database with sound files and moprhological analyses
  • reference grammar and morphological model
  • analyzed texts, paper and audio archives
  • L1 acquisition
  • historical reconstruction
  • language displacement and ideologies
  • collection of ethnobotanical materials

More information:

Upper Necaxa Totonac Project Website

PI: David Beck