Kichwa-English dictionary

Project director: Santiago Gualapuro

Researchers: David Beck, Megan Bontogon, Michelle Garcia-Vega, Jordan Lachler, Evan Lloyd, Conor Snoek

Kichwa is a language spoken on the Ecuadorean Highlands. Santiago Gualapuro is an a native speaker of Kichwa from Otavalo and has been working on a Kichwa-English dictionary since 2011. In 2013, he began to collaborate with a team of linguists from the University of Alberta in order to create a dictionary of Imbabura Kichwa to be used by business people, students and travelers and as a resource for everyday life. This will be the first Kichwa-English dictionary to use the official orthography. The dictionary is currently in press. A digital versions of the dictionary will eventually be made available. In the near future, the project seeks to expand its scope into the development of language learning and teaching tools and to the deeper exploration of Kichwa lexical semantics.